Your Guide to Dropshipping And Finding Drop Shippers

Searching through lists and going to the library can be time-consuming methods and often only lead you to small manufacturers and small distributors.

Often, major manufacturers and distributors will not do drop shipping for a small-time seller. This is because these companies are set up to sell in large quantities and it is not worth their time to drop ship items individually for the small-time seller. They are in the business of moving large amounts of inventory and they like to do it by the pallot, not by individual product.

This is where it often makes sense to join a wholesale drop shipping club. These organizations are able to leverage the combined purchasing power of all of their members in order to work with the major distributors and manufacturers. Not only are they able to get you access to dropshipping services from suppliers that would otherwise be off-limits, but they are also often able to get you better pricing because of the combined purchasing power of the whole organization.

For example, let’s assume that Joe Seller is even able to set up an agreement with a manufacturer or distributor where they ship directly to his customers. Starting out, Joe only sells about a dozen units of product per week. Because he does such low volumes, he is unable to get better pricing. On the other hand, a good drop shipping club has many members who collectively do a large volume of business. Because of this, the drop shipping club can negotiate better deals for all of its members; better deals than Joe Seller can get by himself.

Membership in many dropshipping companies is very reasonably priced. From my experience, it makes the most sense to pay a small membership fee and have instant access to thousands of products from many suppliers, rather than try to set up agreements with suppliers by yourself. Setting up an agreement with a supplier by yourself is often a lot of work. It will take you too much time to find these suppliers and time to set up agreements with them. During this time, you are doing a lot of work, yet not making any money.


Good product sourcing is vital for your business. There are many wholesale drop shipping clubs out there and I have experience with almost every one of them. is the one I currently use and I am very happy with them. They offer a nice selection of brand name products and great support. They offer good wholesale pricing as well and orders ship same business day. Also, the additional selling tools and resources are a tremendous help. I also like the fact that they provide integration with my eBay Pro Stores site – this is very useful.

Other clubs often have large startup costs and many do not have as good of a selection of brand names. I would encourage you to experiment but do so at your own risk.

If you are interested in selling brand name products and don’t want to put in the many hours of research, I would recommend joining a wholesale drop ship club. Again, this will save you considerable time and energy and will get you started quickly.