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Gee, How Inspiring Is Johnie Gee

Some may know his name, some may know only his sound, and some know his soul. This midwestern, Milwaukee, native and businessman currently treads to over 50 years of powerful music experience. His name? Johnnie Gee. As of current, Johnnie Gee remains defiant against going the traditional music route, hence his reluctance to sign with a professional music agency. This allows him the unique ability to control his own destiny. In other words, Johnnie Gee has complete regulation of the publication, license, distribution, and intellectual property in regards to his music. Other artist can only hope for this type of tenacity, yet Gee has mastered that and more.

The legend first was born during September of 1959 to the beautiful state of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His first call to fame occurred at the young age of six, when him and his fellow six siblings, seven including him, formed a childhood band–in which he acted as drummer. Later, a young Johnnie Gee noticed prominence in his vocal talents and was adopted by the Midwestern band, “Step By Step Band.” The band was quite easily his first real step on the road to fame.

Johnnie Gee and the band first began their rise to prominence by playing in venues such as bars found around their neighborhood. Their mostly positive reception to their syndicated audiences inspired them to travel outside of the Milwaukee region and compete in music competitions. While they didn’t place first, Johnnie Gee was able to network among some of the most rising stars in the music industry, including Jackie Wilson, The Chi-Lites, The Stylistics, Ike and Tina Turner, among others.

Yet, Johnnie Gee’s failure alongside his band “Step by Steps” in these musical competitions speaks to a larger point. Clearly, Gee learned that the music industry was a brutal business. He may be adored within Milwaukee, but as soon as he traveled outside, his feedback fell flat. Rather than be discouraged and give up, Johnnie Gee began to further practice his vocal talents, which in many parts contributed to his successful hit songs. In fact, even today the Milwaukee artist continues to produced soulful and inspired hits, with his most recent release dating back as early as 2015 titled Roll Wit It. Further, the artist is quite active on social media and message boards as he relentlessly continues to expand his name and ensures that his dream, and your dreams, never die.

All in all, Johnnie Gee not only inspires with his soulful, potent music, but his intriguing backstory is the real life encapsulation of the ever so important moral on never giving up. Therefore, we urge you that when your kids, friends, or anybody asks you to name a role model who even to this day continues to influence the music industry, we say look to Johnnie Gee.

Creative Geeniuses Just Can’t Be Told What To Do

Johnnie Gee is a musical legend–often dubbed the king of soul music. During his career in the early 60s to late 70s, Gee performed within the band Step by Step. He was motivated by an ambition to satisfy his father, his record label, Brunswick records, his fellow bandmates, as well as all the notable rising stars he encountered during his travels–such as Prince.

In spite of Gee and his band’s drive to work well with his supporters, the band split with Brunswick records after several years of working together due to creative disputes. This wasn’t the first time Gee and his fellow bandmates failed to stick to a record label, as during the lifespan of their career they bounced with numerous other labels, most notably All Platinum Records. Was this a testament to Johnnie Gee’s relentless creativity above all, or rather a more sinister stubborn quality playing at hand? The story seems to think the latter isn’t true, as after breaking up with the band and going on to his solo career, Johnnie Gee released five immensely popular singles in a little over a decade. Perhaps Johnnie Gee was just better off alone with no one to cripple his glorious ideas.

Of course, Johnnie Gee’s time with record labels wasn’t done all together. Yet, this time it was different. Starting in 1982, when Gee was discharged from military service, he began his own production company known as “Sidetraxx Records & Entertainment.” It was quite a success! The label work with some of the most up and coming stars of the time, including numerous rappers such as Notorious B.I.G, Jr. Mafia, Chic Delvic, Bizzy Bone, Gangsta Nip, among others. With celebrities like these, Johnnie Gee released four popular singles yet again, selling a total of over half a million copies internationally. This boosted Johnnie’s reputation in the production business immensely. The leading experts in the production of that time trusted him enough to grant Gee a supervising role in the production of the LP Redemption by Double R and Bizzy Bone. It was a success and placed a whopping total of over 43 years of music experience in all regards under Johnnie’s Belt. In essence, Johnnie Gee mastered all types of music, everything from on stage to behind the scenes. What a legend.

Today, Johnnie Gee can still be found producing music. Most of his business is focused

in the local Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, where Johnnie Gee grew up. He is committed to sponsoring and assisting up and coming indie artist, hoping to inspire the next generation of “Johnnie Gees”, so to speak. From time to time, Gee may release a single of his own online or is featured on various albums, with his latest features being released in 2015 in the album Grind Tyme, which is currently being sold on Amazon. We highly encourage you to pay this iconic legend a good listen or two! You can also read some online pokies reviews too.

Johnie Gee Taking Things Step By Step

Johnnie Gee is a soul music legend. Known for his slow, romantic songs that were a staple of the early 60s and late 70s, Gee has an even more inspirational backstory, from humble beginnings in Milwaukee. Wisconsin. His music started at the young age of six when he played the drums alongside his six other siblings. Later, Gee would come to vocal prominence during his young adult age when he was adopted by the band “Step by Step” as a singer.

During the late 60s, the group “Step by Step” became known around the country, largely following the release of their first track with Cuca Records, “Time After Time.” Further, the group gathered attention in second-hand ways, most notably due to a performance they shared with the Jacksons. All of the other different artist that they performed alongside with began to take a liking to the group, and saw it fit to introduce them to the heads of All Platinum Records, Joe and Sylvia Roberson.  Even though the label company agreed to sign the group on, which later led to the release of one of their hit singles: “Love is Strange”, the contract was soon terminated because of reported feuds between the group and the record label in regards to creative differences.

Of course, Johnnie Gee’s soulful group was not discouraged by the destruction of their first record deal. Instead, they continued touring with all the notable groups they crossed paths with. They played alongside groups such as the Chi-Lites, O’Jays, Millie Jackson, and another artist who were up and coming and represented the same soulful potency that the group cherished in themselves. One of the most memorable stories arose from an unknown encounter with a then young Prince, who snuck onto the stage of  Step by Step’s set only to shred some tunes on their guitars. At the time, Prince, then known as Rogers Nelson, was only 16, and even though he was told to leave the guitar alone, he had a great time playing, speaking to all the rising influence of the late 60s era.

During 1975 the group finally gave recording labels another shot. This turnabout came following the opening for the Chi-Lites at the Brunswick Recording Artist concert. The group then followed them on tour, until the managers, Tim Butler and Marshall Thompson, thought it fit to sign the group up with Brunswick, thus prompting the release of “I Always Wanted to be in a Band” in 1976. Clearly, Johnnie Gee and his band never give up on their dreams, and just because one music label fell short, doesn’t mean the rest did. After all was said and done, Johnnie Gee and Step by Step’s time with Brunswick Records led them to their most productive music producing days in their entire careers. We also offer casino gambling online on one of my other websites.

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